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Welcome to Our School

Simon Technique Studio is a lifestyle of performance and a disciplinary process of finding the balance of one's Mind, Body, and Soul.

We teach our students to use that synergy for every moment in their performance and life. Like learning any sport, it starts with (Self) Awareness.

What are you doing that's effective? 

What is currently hindering your synergy? 

We break it down to the psyche and emotions, the physical performance, and your voice, and we use the camera as the medium to capture it all.

Simon believes that the attitude and discipline learned through training in the arts directly correlate to training and learning for other things in life. It is his belief and the school's belief that it is important to start young and encourage these young, up-and-coming actors to start early with these techniques.

Audience Award - Short Shorts Film Festi
Royal Reel Award - Canada International

Our Philosophy 

Hear the philosophy of Simon Technique Studio about the Philosophy of the company.