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Simon Twu is a triple-threat Bi-Lingual/Bi-Cultural actor who grew up in Santa Monica. Simon started working in the entertainment business in 2002, with production teams from the US, China, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and France, playing Asian Dramas, TV reality shows, local Chinese Movies, and Co-Productions, speaking in Chinese-Mandarin, English, Taiwanese, Japanese, and French. Simon has worked on Co-Productions forth-coming as Magic 7, On Wings of Eagle, in Asian films as, The Rise of A Tomboy, Truth or Dare, and Top 3-Viewed Reality Shows in China, like Perfect Dating, amongst others; and has close to a million followers on

Simon Twu has also worked in LA and Asia in over 80 international commercials.

In 2010, Simon started focusing more on developing his acting talent that led to multiple recognitions and winning A-List Film Festival Awards for the movies he Starred in, such as the Audience Award for Short Shorts International Film Festival.

On the Musical side, he was trained in opera and musical theatre with faculties in such prestigious schools as The Juilliard School, Music Academy of the West; and performed in over 100 concerts and television shows, as well as directing the acclaimed, international A Capella group, Quintessence, in Taiwan. Simon also trained/performed as a professional dancer at Degas Dance Studios with the ACFCLA Dance Company.

By 2019, Simon Twu was featured by CCTV (Most Influential TV in China) as a Special Speaker/Cultural Bridge to share his experience working in different countries with different cultures and productions and honored as one of the genuinely bilingual and bi-cultural actors who is fighting to bridge the gaps between shows and finding an equilibrium in acting for Global empathy and understanding.

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